Why should you not adopt the boxer dogs?

Are you the one who is planning to buy the boxer dogs? If yes then first look and read the post carefully. The post is not made to claim that you should not have the boxer dogs. They are also good dogs, and one can easily adapt them, but still, there are many reasons not to have these dogs. It is not enough to read the benefits of having them. You should read the cons also of having this dog. Here in the post, we will talk about those cons only. When you read the post, then compare the pros and cons both of having the breed, and when you get to know about them, then it will be easy for you to decide that either you should buy them or not.

Reasons to not have them:-

There are several reasons which will make an individual not to buy the boxer breed. Here are few of those reasons given below which is enough for you to understand it well. Those reasons are:-

They don’t have any sense of style

It has also been studied that the nature of this breed is to copy others. They get jealous by the other people either you are their master or not. They just get jealous of you and pull off the things which you have worn.

They don’t like holidays

If you go on any vacation, then do you know how the boxer dogs will behave there? These dogs don’t like the vacations, and that is why you also won’t able to go anywhere. It is a drawback to have this dog. You can’t take this breed with you on any vacation, and it will make it hard for you also because you also have to stay at home because of it.

Violent breed

Yes, it is a truth that you can’t estimate that what happened to this breed at what time. This breed can get violent at any case at any time which can create a problem for you. The violent nature is not good of this breed because it can cause problems for you only.

Don’t want to play

You have also heard that dogs love to play, but it is not possible in the case of boxer dogs. Boxer dogs are very boring dogs, and they don’t like to play because of it; it can spoil your mood also.

Terrible with children

As you know about other breeds that they are comfortable with children and they love to play with them. In the case of this breed it is not possible. These dogs are very much terrible with the children, and it is not a safe option to keep these dogs with the kids.

Keeping a dog as a pet is a very good idea because it can bring spice into your life also. Hope that now you understand about the dogs and you will think before choosing the boxer breed. So take the right decision for you and bring the best dog for you.

Fearless and attacking Dog with boxing style!!


The dog is the major role of a human’s life. One should maintain the tendency of raising a dog. There are many kinds of dogs such as the bulldog, bloodhounds, lap dogs etc. One of them is a boxer dog also. The dog has Sharp teeth so that they can eat food easily. Dogs are good friends of a human being. Boxer dog is medium in size. Another name for this dog is German boxer and Deutscher boxer. The color of this dog is fawn or brindle, black mask, with or without white markings etc.


The dog’s life is not easy to live. They faced many problems which they did not even tell us. The boxer dog lifespan is around an average of 9 to 15 years. The weight is around 25 to 32 kg and height nearly 53 to 64 cm. This type of dog mainly found in foreign countries. This dog is generally healthy. Boxer has a good hearing capacity by which they alert and watchful.

Medical Health Issues

Before buying or having a dog with you get all the information about the medical condition. Many diseases occur for boxer dog. Some of them are as follows:

  • Heart disease- Due to this disease there can be a sudden death. When the heart can’t pump blood properly then it’s another heart-related disease called cardiomyopathy. Heart problem has been seen many of the dog’s life.
  • Cancer- This disease is of various types, but most common are known as lymphatics. Boxer dog is also suffering from skin cancer, cancers of the reproductive organs and so on. To avoid this type of disease you should check your dog on a regular basis.
  • Hypothyroidism- This disease caused frequently in boxers. It may occur skin disease or hair loss, weight loss etc. Medication helps them to come out from this disease. This disease appears mainly middle age dog or old age dog.
  • Eye disease- They may suffer from eye slight. If the dog-faced watery eyes then it is the sign of eye problem. By surgery, the problem has been fixed.

Brief History

The boxer dog has a broad short head. This dog is cousins of almost all types of bulldogs. The dog basically uses for guarding the house or hunting. In 1904, the first boxer was registered. The personality of this type of dog is intelligent, energetic, playful in nature who like to stay busy. Some of them bark too much. Sometimes this dog is aggressive also. They have a reputation for attacking another dog. The exercise process of this type of dog is very long. They loved their owner’s company and loyal to them. They also protect their family and house from strangers.


Dogs are the best gift for us, you should take care of them. They are always loyal and gives you unconditional love to you. Boxer loves their owners and their family. Kids also love to play with the dog. In whole world, no one loved you as of dog. They are a trustworthy and quick learner. The smelling power of the dog is very good.

Boxer Dogs- Role and Importance

Nowadays, people are so concerned with their pets. It is all because they love them and want to care for them gently. Varieties of the breed will be found everywhere. Accordingly, boxers are one of them. They are one of the most loyal and intelligent breeds among all. Similarly, if we talk about their physic, then it shows that their muscular and sharp body is responsible for paying attention to them. The boxer breed is medium in size and has a smooth coated body. Usually, people called them German boxer because they originated from Germany.

A well organized body shape looks attractive to another. However, boxers are also made for kids. Their nature, attitude, and behavior are playful and familiar. People make them adopt as they are protective in nature. If you are the one who is looking for gaining knowledge then here we are discussing lots of facts regarding to it in an effective manner.

Qualities and features

There is a lot of role and importance of boxers. As result boxers are one, who is responsible for every individual to be considered. Below are some as follows

  • Appearance: The main and foremost thing to show that they look so attractive. It is because of their strong breed sense. However, it seems that boxers are only dangerous for humans, but it is not a fact. Most of the time they are helpful to protect their owners in an effective and efficient manner. That’s why people are making bonds with them.
  • Temperament: Accordingly, boxers are one of the fit dogs among all. Their energy level and many adventurous things are responsible for being known as excellence all the time. Most people are a concern with them just to gain standing in front of all.
  • Healthiness: If you are the one who wants to know better then, their health is the best thing to be considered. Normally, they used to do agility training. It includes climbing, running, various activities, barking and much more. These all components made then fit and fine.
  • Hunting: Most of the time they used to do hunting of rabbits and dears. There is no any denying the fact that dogs have a habit of eating such things which they always want. However, it is normal to be said that without hunting boxers can’t survive. That’s why they used to choose such options for them.
  • Popularity: Undoubtedly, boxer breed is one of the popular breeds not only in our country but also in the whole world. It makes them incredible. Likewise, they are much lovable and friendly in nature and kids also like them mostly. That is the main reason behind it.

It is all our responsibility to take care of boxers and give them a proper life. As a result, these above mentioned points are responsible for telling you factual about boxers. Hopefully, you understand all these things and make them to consider in your life.


Boxer Dogs- Role and Importance

We all know that Boxer Dogs have such handsome feature which may attract all. However, they are much loyal for others and makes possible to guard their family in front of strangers. Boxer is really fond of their daily exercise which makes them an excellent among all.

If we are talking about Boxers personality then somehow it looks that they are intelligent and energetic. It usually reflects that such a breed might be responsible for giving you protection and makes your standard high. The reason behind adopting such dogs is that they are most powerful freed as they used to fight with other breed. Nowadays many of us consider them to earn money.

Need to know about dog product

Accordingly, dogs are one of the preferred animals. Hence it is because their needs and desire make all to pay attraction on it. Similarly, if we talk about their daily needs which make them live better than their meal plays an important role. We all know that what the role of their eating. Likewise human want food then no doubt dogs have the same feature. If you are looking to buy a dog product must know about their quality and brand. Many times due to the unhealthy product makes unfit and result negatively. So make sure you must avoid such mistakes.

What makes boxers attractive?

Boxer Dogs have such features which are possible to pay attention to it. If you are looking for such answers, then you must follow such points which tell you better and effective.

  • Energetic: If you are looking for their features then no doubt they are more energetic if compare to all. It is because of their trainability. Somehow it usually seems that these breed exercise in agility way. They used to jump, climb, hunt and bark in an effective manner.
  • Massive temperament: There is no any doubt that Boxers have a strong temperament. It includes their body language and somehow their style of barking. Usually, we see that dog bark in a different manner but if we talk about such dogs then no doubt they usually bark only when there is something wrong.
  • Popular breed: Similarly they are one of the popular breeds among all. It is because of their positive attitude and behavior. That’s why people used to prefer them and experience their time in a great manner.
  • Faithful: We all know that dogs are made to follow their owners. As a result, Boxer Dogs are much faithful not only for their owners but also for their family members.
  • Attitude and behavior: Their positive attitude and behavior might be responsible for their strong relation with human beings. That’s why people want in their life.

This was important information for you. Hence such above points will responsible for your better knowledge about Boxer Dogs. If you are willing to buy boxers, then no doubt it is a good option because they will protect your life effectively.

Everything you must know about Boxers

Boxer is a fun loving breed. The thing that makes it funky is its long tongue. It is unusually long, might be the longest in dogs. Maybe boxers understand growing up is a trap. They never grow up in terms of behavior after a point. They love chasing toys thrown around. They don’t shy from doing it in the dark.

Boxers are boxers. Indeed they box you. They stand on their hind legs and punch you a little. But all is within the playful mode. They got a set of funny happy expressions. They wag their tails when they are happy. What’s funny about it? They got really short tails. To make their wagging pronounced, they wag their entire rear.

Boxers got badass looks

Besides being funny, these are some badass dogs. They are never short of energy. They are so powerfully built. Their athletic abilities are impressive. It packs a powerful bite and even throws punches. They look the menacing guard dogs more than they actually are. It’s a preferable trait considering you get your guard dog to be intimidating without a violent streak to handle personally.

Comes from Bullenbeisser…

Boxer dogs come from the now extinct German Bullenbeisser. The latter was dubbed as the German bulldog, praised for its strength and agility. Bullenbeisser was a mastiff type dog used to seize large game such as bears and boars. It was bred with the English bulldog to develop the present boxer breed. Thus, it features a unique skull among dogs. With its short muzzle and large under bite, it can hold prey for a long time.

Boxer is an entertainer. It is shown in the motion pictures that way for a long time. It can play the villain or hero, but it surely is an entertainer. Boxers are too addictive for the dog owners. Majority of them gets their second one eventually.

Unique and distinguished looks

Its appearance is one of the best. They come in three different coat colors – White, Brindle or Fawn. A thing to note is 1 in 5 white boxers are deaf. They are the 6th more registered breed with the American Kennel Club.

They are adored for their expressions. Their long tongues counts as a plus too. Brandy, a boxer has a 17” tongue. As his owner John noted, it had tongue of adult size even when it was a puppy. Tongues over one foot is not exactly a rarity, when it comes to boxers.


Boxer dogs can do just about anything, if they are trained. They are mainly trained for agility and obedience. The boxers have to be trained to keep them occupied. They think they can be doing something and so should you. Boxers can do with good amount of exercise.


Boxers do fairly well in moderate climates. They need protection from extreme cold, due to their short coat. Their wrinkles need to be cleaned out to avoid chances of infection. They are prone to cancer. Their shorter muscles cause them to overheat on hot days. You need to make sure you feed them special best dog food for boxers to ensure they’re healthy. This website has more information.