Everything you must know about Boxers

Boxer is a fun loving breed. The thing that makes it funky is its long tongue. It is unusually long, might be the longest in dogs. Maybe boxers understand growing up is a trap. They never grow up in terms of behavior after a point. They love chasing toys thrown around. They don’t shy from doing it in the dark.

Boxers are boxers. Indeed they box you. They stand on their hind legs and punch you a little. But all is within the playful mode. They got a set of funny happy expressions. They wag their tails when they are happy. What’s funny about it? They got really short tails. To make their wagging pronounced, they wag their entire rear.

Boxers got badass looks

Besides being funny, these are some badass dogs. They are never short of energy. They are so powerfully built. Their athletic abilities are impressive. It packs a powerful bite and even throws punches. They look the menacing guard dogs more than they actually are. It’s a preferable trait considering you get your guard dog to be intimidating without a violent streak to handle personally.

Comes from Bullenbeisser…

Boxer dogs come from the now extinct German Bullenbeisser. The latter was dubbed as the German bulldog, praised for its strength and agility. Bullenbeisser was a mastiff type dog used to seize large game such as bears and boars. It was bred with the English bulldog to develop the present boxer breed. Thus, it features a unique skull among dogs. With its short muzzle and large under bite, it can hold prey for a long time.

Boxer is an entertainer. It is shown in the motion pictures that way for a long time. It can play the villain or hero, but it surely is an entertainer. Boxers are too addictive for the dog owners. Majority of them gets their second one eventually.

Unique and distinguished looks

Its appearance is one of the best. They come in three different coat colors – White, Brindle or Fawn. A thing to note is 1 in 5 white boxers are deaf. They are the 6th more registered breed with the American Kennel Club.

They are adored for their expressions. Their long tongues counts as a plus too. Brandy, a boxer has a 17” tongue. As his owner John noted, it had tongue of adult size even when it was a puppy. Tongues over one foot is not exactly a rarity, when it comes to boxers.


Boxer dogs can do just about anything, if they are trained. They are mainly trained for agility and obedience. The boxers have to be trained to keep them occupied. They think they can be doing something and so should you. Boxers can do with good amount of exercise.


Boxers do fairly well in moderate climates. They need protection from extreme cold, due to their short coat. Their wrinkles need to be cleaned out to avoid chances of infection. They are prone to cancer. Their shorter muscles cause them to overheat on hot days. You need to make sure you feed them special best dog food for boxers to ensure they’re healthy. This website has more information.