Fearless and attacking Dog with boxing style!!


The dog is the major role of a human’s life. One should maintain the tendency of raising a dog. There are many kinds of dogs such as the bulldog, bloodhounds, lap dogs etc. One of them is a boxer dog also. The dog has Sharp teeth so that they can eat food easily. Dogs are good friends of a human being. Boxer dog is medium in size. Another name for this dog is German boxer and Deutscher boxer. The color of this dog is fawn or brindle, black mask, with or without white markings etc.


The dog’s life is not easy to live. They faced many problems which they did not even tell us. The boxer dog lifespan is around an average of 9 to 15 years. The weight is around 25 to 32 kg and height nearly 53 to 64 cm. This type of dog mainly found in foreign countries. This dog is generally healthy. Boxer has a good hearing capacity by which they alert and watchful.

Medical Health Issues

Before buying or having a dog with you get all the information about the medical condition. Many diseases occur for boxer dog. Some of them are as follows:

  • Heart disease- Due to this disease there can be a sudden death. When the heart can’t pump blood properly then it’s another heart-related disease called cardiomyopathy. Heart problem has been seen many of the dog’s life.
  • Cancer- This disease is of various types, but most common are known as lymphatics. Boxer dog is also suffering from skin cancer, cancers of the reproductive organs and so on. To avoid this type of disease you should check your dog on a regular basis.
  • Hypothyroidism- This disease caused frequently in boxers. It may occur skin disease or hair loss, weight loss etc. Medication helps them to come out from this disease. This disease appears mainly middle age dog or old age dog.
  • Eye disease- They may suffer from eye slight. If the dog-faced watery eyes then it is the sign of eye problem. By surgery, the problem has been fixed.

Brief History

The boxer dog has a broad short head. This dog is cousins of almost all types of bulldogs. The dog basically uses for guarding the house or hunting. In 1904, the first boxer was registered. The personality of this type of dog is intelligent, energetic, playful in nature who like to stay busy. Some of them bark too much. Sometimes this dog is aggressive also. They have a reputation for attacking another dog. The exercise process of this type of dog is very long. They loved their owner’s company and loyal to them. They also protect their family and house from strangers.


Dogs are the best gift for us, you should take care of them. They are always loyal and gives you unconditional love to you. Boxer loves their owners and their family. Kids also love to play with the dog. In whole world, no one loved you as of dog. They are a trustworthy and quick learner. The smelling power of the dog is very good.